Ying Yang Screensaver

Ying Yang Screensaver

Shiny symbols of Chinese philosophy


  • Striking animated image


  • Design work is a bit shabby

Not bad

One of the most famous symbols in the World, the Ying and Yang sign represents the concept of the natural harmony of opposing forces.

If you want to pay testament to this interesting theory the whole day long then install the Ying Yang Screensaver on your mobile phone. It basically consists of an animated GIF image of a glowing symbol. The image is predominantly silver in front of a black background with a shining red flare that sweeps across it.

The Ying Yang Screensaver is certainly eye-catching but it's perhaps not as well rendered as it could be. The silver on the top-right of the image is a bit mottled, and the glow isn't as convincing as you would hope for.

Nevertheless, if you're interested in Eastern philosophy, the Ying Yang Screensaver is a good way to embrace the teachings wherever you go.

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Ying Yang Screensaver


Ying Yang Screensaver

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